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Rule for asking for site review

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Dec 10, 2021
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Example: Review: XXX..TLD

* The name of the domain. Example: babiato.co
** Your TLD. Example: -com, .net, .org.

Right title:
Review: thegis.net

Wrong title:
-Please review my website.
-Review: www.thegis.net
-Check my site.

and please add your site in description

If you own and want to get feedback on a website with adult content, do the following:

Follow the correct title above, and add (18+).

New correct title is: Review: thegis.net (18+)

Requirements for a site to be reviewed:

To avoid unwanted abuse of traffic diverting and marketplace promotion all requests for site reviews will have to include a description of the improvements you've made. Improvements by third party plugins are not taken into consideration.
Any request to review a standard installed script may attract a 24 hours temp ban (applied for threads submitted after Feb 2nd, 2021)

Example of correct request:

Title: Review: example.com
Content: I would like your opinion about my example.com site. I have used THIS script/engine and I have made improvements to THESE modules/options. Since is a login only website here's a demo account for you to test all the options.

demo user:
demo pass:

I am waiting for your suggestions on what it can be improved/removed/added
Thank you
Not open for further replies.
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